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Follow along with us here, and look for the Tour Against Cruelty van in your city this summer!

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What is the Tour Against Cruelty?

The Humane League is taking to the road to spread the word about how farm animals are treated. We’ll be criss-crossing the U.S. this summer and sharing our message with hundreds of thousands of young people. You’ll find us handing out leaflets at concerts and holding demonstrations at selected restaurants to raise awareness about the plight of chickens.

Current Campaign

Chickens raised for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. suffer some of the worst abuses.

Bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate, they often suffer painful, crippling leg injuries, organ failure, and other physical ailments. Many spend the majority of their lives lying in their own excrement on the filthy barn floor, suffering from toxic ammonia burns to their feet, chest, and lungs. At slaughter, chickens are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats, many while still fully conscious.

It’s time for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. to make a change.

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The Tour Against Cruelty is part of The Humane League’s 88% Campaign, which works to improve the lives of the vast majority of farm animals.


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